Top Legitimate Apps to Get Payday Loans Online –Regardless of Credit

If you’re looking for a way to access your hard-earned money without having to wait weeks for your paycheck. Earnin offers a quick way to get an advance on your next paycheck without having to jump through hoops, you don’t have to complete an application or pay fixed fees. All you need to do is download the app, connect it to your bank account (don’t worry it’s legit/verified) and get an advance of up to $100 a day, up to $500 a pay period. Some if you need to pay bills, get gas to get to work, buy groceries or just cover emergency expenses, this is a way to do it. Why wait for payday? Get Earnin’, borrow and pay back on payday, & tip what you’d like, even if that’s $0. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars according to App store customers.

While its basic service can be cheaper than a payday loan, Earnin isn’t for everyone. You must receive direct deposit from your employer for the app to work. Below is a list of apps. similar to Earnin, but might offer for stronger perks, faster turnaround or better meet your needs in general.

Other Legitimate Apps that give Quick Payday Loans like Earnin

  1. If you want automatic advances: Brigit
  2. If you want to boost your credit: Possible
  3. If you want a short-term installment loan: OppLoans
  4. If you’re a frequent borrower, Download the : Vola Finance
  5. If you want to keep track of your finances: MoneyLion

Brigit is designed to help you avoid overdraft fees on your checking account.  Brigit will calculate your maximum advance amount based on your recurring deposits, which can help you avoid overdrawing your account.  Brigit offers between $50 and  $250 per pay cycle with no interest or fees if you have an unexpected expense pop up. The amount is customized specifically for you, so that your ability to repay is successful.  If you request an advance before 10 a.m. EST on a business day, your loan can possibly arrive the same day. A typical advance takes between 1-3 business days, but, your account is monitored and can have advances automatically sent if you’re in danger of overdraft. If you request an advance on the weekend, it will arrive the next business day. Business days are Monday through Friday. Instant delivery is available for FREE! As fast as 20 minutes, if you have added your debit card that is associated with your bank account.

  • Available in all states
Loan amountUp to $250
Turnaround timeSame business day to 2 business days

For boosting your credit

Possible Finance Mobile Installment Loans

Try Possible Finance! They provide installment loans for up to $500 that are more convenient and affordable than payday loans.  You just apply via the mobile app in as little as 60 seconds and get a decision in less than 24 hours. Good credit is not a requirement The money will be deposited in your bank in 1-2 business days. You can break the payments up into 4 equal payments over an 8 week time span. If for any reason you need to adjust your payment date, because you can’t pay on the scheduled date, you have the option to update your payment date. The interest rates are consumer friendly and it helps to build your credit history with each successful repayment. The borrowing fee is $15-$25 for every $100 borrowed.
  • At the moment Possible is available in: Washington State, Utah, Texas, Indiana, Idaho, Iowa, Ohio, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Michigan, California, Florida, Missouri, Mississippi and Delaware.
Loan amountUp to $500
Turnaround timeAs fast as 1 business day

OPP Loans

This is an option for borrower with bad credit rating, it has extremely high Interest rates and should only be considered if it’s a last resort.

OppLoans offers short-term installment loans and has been in business since 2012. Your credit score isn’t checked from the 3 major credit bureaus for this loan, but, there is a check through Clarity Services, which collects information, like auto-title loans, payday loans and bank account transaction data on consumers with low credit scores.

When reviewing your application, the borrower’s ability to repay the loan is based on income.

In order to qualify for the loan, you need to have a bank account that has been opened at least 2 months and a minimum monthly gross income of at least $1500. You must have direct deposit set up in your checking account. However, there is no minimum credit score. But, you must live in one of the states that offers OppLoans.

OppLoans does report to all 3 Credit Bureaus,  so on-time payments can positively affect your credit score. They also offer refinancing after you make $400 in loan payments or pay down at least 15% of your loan. According to their website, they also provide financial education.

Loan amount$500 – $4,000
Turnaround time1-2  business days
Vola advances money to prevent overdrafts, finds ways to save based on your expenses and helps build your credit score. If you use the referral code below, you’ll automatically get $5.
Use referral code: QGNA50GT while signing up.
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Unlike Earnin, Vola Finance requires you to have a paid membership to qualify for an advance. But, if you’re not a frequent borrower, it may not be worth it, to pay the fee, even though it’s not the most expensive membership option out there — Vola’s basic tier starts at $4.99. The good news is that, Vola is not just limited to being a payday advance. It monitors your finances in order to help you avoid overdraft fees.  As long as your bank account balance doesn’t fall below$150, you may qualify for an advance, even if you don’t have regular working hours.

Loan amountUp to $300
Turnaround timeAs early as same business day

MoneyLion Instacash advances


 It goes far beyond Earnin, by offering:
INSTACASH: 0% APR Cash Advances up to $250 to help you cover essentials and unexpected expenses. Apply by just linking your checking account! No monthly fees.
ROARMONEY: Sign up in minutes for an account that gives you a contactless MoneyLion Debit Mastercard and RoarMoney Virtual card, balance and transaction alerts, 55k no-fee ATMs, early direct deposit, and more.
CREDIT BUILDER: Credit Builder Plus loans up to $1,000, reporting to all 3 credit bureaus, and credit tracking weekly score updates. No credit check to sign up.
  • Available in all states
Loan amountUp to $250
Turnaround timeAs early as same business day

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