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in this video we have discussed personal loan and how to get instant personal loan online in just 10 mins. this video is created in hindi and at xy axis education we have uploaded many other videos related to banking and finance. in this video we have discussed rate of interest of personal loan and minimum salary required for personal loan. we also have discussed what can be the maximum amount of personal loan one can avail. personal loans are unsecured loan and in personal loan there is no need of any guarantor. in this video we also have discussed best personal loans. instant personal loan can also be availed. personal loans for bad credit can also be availed but the rate of interest charged will be high in this case. sbi offers online personal loan in just 10 mins. there are many personal loan apps and using that apps anyone can easily avail personal loan. best personal loan company is judged by comparing the rate of interest of personal loan. sbi personal loan offers the most attractive rate of interest. after watching this video you will be clear on personal loan kaise le. this is the best personal loan offered by sbi. instant personal loan app can be used for instant personal loans. we also have discussed personal loan eligibility in this video. after watching this video you will be clear on what is personal loan.