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Western Civilization is
under a complete frontal
attack, and also the leftists
are the ones holding
the door large open to
their very own death!

Islam is not a religious beliefs,
neither is it a cult. Islam
has spiritual, lawful,
political, financial as well as
army elements.

Islamization happens when
there suffice Muslims
in a nation to perturb for
their supposed “spiritual civil liberties”.

When nonsexist and also
culturally varied cultures
consent to “practical” Muslim
needs for their “spiritual
legal rights”, they likewise obtain
the various other elements under
the table.

Below’s exactly how it functions:

As long as the Muslim
populace stays around 1%
of any type of provided nation, they
will certainly be considered a
peace-loving minority and also
not as a risk to anybody.
They might be
included in write-ups and also
movies, as well as stereotyped for
their vibrant individuality:

United States– Muslim 1.0%
Australia– Muslim 1.5%
Canada– Muslim 1.9%
China– Muslim 1%-2%
Italy– Muslim 1.5%
Norway– Muslim 1.8%

At 2% as well as 3%, they start
to proselytize from
various other ethnic minorities
and also disaffected teams, with
significant recruiting from the
prisons as well as amongst road

Denmark– Muslim 2%
Germany– Muslim 3.7%
United Kingdom– Muslim 2.7%
Spain– Muslim 4%
Thailand– Muslim 4.6%

From 5% on, they work out
an excessive impact in
percentage to their portion
of the populace. They
will certainly promote the intro
of halal (tidy by Islamic
criteria) food, thus
protecting cooking work
for Muslims. They will certainly boost stress on grocery store chains to include it on their racks … in addition to hazards for failing to conform:

France– Muslim 8%
Philippines– Muslim 5%
Sweden– Muslim 5%
Switzerland– Muslim 4.3%
The Netherlands– Muslim 5.5%
Trinidad & & Tobago– Muslim 5.8%

At this factor, they will certainly function
to obtain the judgment federal government
to enable them to rule
themselves under Sharia, the
Islamic Law. The supreme
objective of Islam is to transform
the globe, and also to develop
Sharia regulation over the whole

When Muslims get to 10%
of the populace, they
will certainly raise lawlessness
as a way of issue
regarding their problems. Any kind of
non-Muslim activity that
upsets Islam will certainly result
in dangers and also uprisings:

Guyana– Muslim 10%
India– Muslim 13.4%
Israel– Muslim 16%
Kenya– Muslim 10%
Russia– Muslim 10-15%

After getting to 20%, anticipate
hair-trigger rioting, jihad
militia developments, erratic
murders and also church as well as
synagogue burning:

Ethiopia– Muslim 32.8%

At 40% you will certainly discover
prevalent carnages,
persistent horror assaults,
and also recurring militia war:

Bosnia– Muslim 40%
Chad– Muslim 53.1%
Lebanon– Muslim 59.7%

From 60%, you might anticipate
unconfined mistreatment of
non-believers as well as various other
religious beliefs, occasional ethnic
cleaning (genocide), use
Sharia Law as a tool, as well as
Jizya … the tax obligation put on

Albania– Muslim 70%
Malaysia– Muslim 60.4%
Qatar– Muslim 77.5%
Sudan– Muslim 70%

After 80%, anticipate state-run
ethnic cleaning and also genocide:

Bangladesh– Muslim 83%
Egypt– Muslim 90%
Gaza– Muslim 98.7%
Indonesia– Muslim 86.1%
Iran– Muslim 98%
Iraq– Muslim 97%
Jordan– Muslim 92%
Morocco– Muslim 98.7%
Pakistan– Muslim 97%
Palestine– Muslim 99%
Syria– Muslim 90%
Tajikistan– Muslim 90%
Turkey– Muslim 99.8%
United Arab Emirates– Muslim 96%

100% will certainly introduce
the tranquility of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’,
the Islamic House of Peace.
There’s (expected) to be
tranquility, since currently everyone
significantly enhanced considering that the
time of this writing.]

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