Help without Hassle: Responsible Short Term Lending from Cobra Payday Loans.

2020 has seen major disruptions to everyone’s lives. From self isolation, to school and business closures and inconsistent incomes. While the UK’s generous furlough scheme has helped keep employees afloat many have endured a reduction in earnings that might already have been inadequate. While many economists remain positive that the year ahead will see a return to financial security for most, many families still have some tough months ahead. Low income families with historic credit issues will likely face the most hardship. When in desperate need it is these families who often struggle the most to get short term loans from traditional banks. With everyone tightening their belts and facing a reduction in income, relying on friends and family to help out is not always realistic. While short term borrowing is never ideal, the truth is, it has been vital lifeline for many people at some point in their lives. Official UK Government statistics showed that in 2012 there were around 1.8 million payday loan customers in the UK. That’s 1.8 million people who made the tough decision to take out a loan to avoid some potential hardship. While there might be a stigma to short term borrowing, there is also clearly a need for such lenders.

Cobra Payday Loans exists to be that extra lifeline for families in need. Whether that urgent cash is to repair a boiler, for a new car tyre, or to buy warm winter coats for the kids Cobra Payday Loans can help connect borrowers to reliable lenders who can offer the right sum, with payments over the most suited timeline.

With Cobra Payday loans clients can borrow between £100-£5000 with no up front fees and the requested funds deposited quickly in a nominated account. The easy application is 100% online and available when our customers need it most, 365 days a year. Whats more, borrowers are guaranteed a quick decision and will never be called or hassled with unwanted follow up questions. At Cobra Payday Loans we believe in helping, not hindering our clients. Regulated responsible lenders must always run a credit check before approving funds to insure any credit offered will improve the borrowers financial situation rather than make it worse. We are also open and honest about our interest rates which will vary depending on factors such as a borrower’s creditworthiness, the amount of credit taken, and the length of the repayment period. While interest rates may seem high, the nature of short term borrowing can mean the overall repayment isn’t excessive at all. For example, borrowing £500 for one month at an annual interest rate of 49.9%, means an additional £20.79 on top of the amount borrowed.

Cobra Payday Loans is the trading name for Ready Money Capital Limited and is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Neither of these companies are lenders but rather a match making service that uses sophisticated finance technology to help match the borrower to a suitable and reliable lender prepared to offer the right loan with the most suitable repayment schedule.

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