Cheers Erupt on N.Y.C. Streets After Biden’s Victory Is Declared – Payday Loans Online

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    In Inwood, at the northernmost tip of Manhattan, celebrations came almost instantly.

    Windows above the streets were lifted open as residents cheered, banged pots and pans, and expressed relief and happiness. Cars stretching down Broadway honked and drivers lifted raised fists out their windows. Some passengers banged the side of car doors.

    True to neighborhood fashion, dirt bikes and motorcycles revved their engines through intersections and the same bells, pans and whistles that were used during the 7 p.m. cheer for essential worker were now brought to the streets.

    Nov. 7, 2020, 1:04 p.m. ET

    Robert and Maya Kite heard the cheers from their window, checked their phones and immediately began to celebrate.

    They put their two daughters, ages 3 and 6, in sundresses, grabbed a tiny pot, a tiny strainer and two wooden spoons to bang them, and headed to the intersection of Broadway and Dyckman, where hundreds were gathering.

    “We heard the sound, the screaming and we immediately assumed what the news was,” said Ms. Kite, 33. “We opened all our windows and started cheering. Then a friend told us there were people here gathering. I feel elated and that there’s hope in a way that there wasn’t before.”

    Ms. Kite added: “Having lived in these neighborhoods in New York through the crisis, we’d always hear the sirens going off during Covid. It was visceral to all of us. And to know that a president is going to take that seriously now, means a lot to us. I mean, how many people died in these very neighborhoods?”

    At the sounds of the same bells and pans that had cheered on the working class during the harshest of the city’s crisis, the couple was comforted that the same energy was still bringing New Yorkers together.

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