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    Dec 3

    Private member’s Bill addresses Government’s ‘half-baked’ proposals on payday loans and high-cost leases – Consumer Action Law Centre

    A private member’s Bill introduced in Parliament today by Andrew Wilkie MP would, if passed, greatly reduce the harm that high-cost payday loans and consumer leases cause to thousands of Australians. The National Consumer Credit Protection Amendment (Small Amount Credit Contract and Consumer Lease Reforms) Bill 2020 (the Bill) replicates draft legislation produced by Treasury in 2017, as well as numerous other bills […]
    Nov 27

    Books for Budding Art Lovers – Payday Loans Online

    DRAWING ON WALLS: A Story of Keith Haring (Enchanted Lion, 64 pp., $18.95; ages 6 to 14) is a tender and beautifully written biography of Haring’s short life. Matthew Burgess, the book’s talented writer, set out to tell Haring’s tale without embellishment, sugarcoating or regret. The result is a joyful celebration of Haring’s world. In […]
    Nov 26

    How To Avoid Election Stress – Payday Loans Online

    Limit your ambient exposure to social media, where attacks on a candidate or policy can feel like attacks on you, personally. Dr. Stosny suggests setting aside specific periods to check the news or your social media feeds. If you do engage with relatives or friends on Facebook or Twitter, try to take those conversation offline, […]