90k In Credit Cards And Loans Using Secured Credit Cards And Secured Loans

In one year I was able to get 90k in credit cards and loans using secured cards and secured loans. In this video I show how I went from 300$ in credit to almost 100K in credit in a short time.

Secured credit cards and loans are tools to use to level up your credit and your borrowing power by showing banks you can handle big limits to from the get go you can improve your odds of getting big limits with credit cards and loans.

You can use a lot of different banks to get secured credit cards and secured loans I used Navy Federal Credit Union,Us Bank,Open Sky and some others. I have some secured credit cards links you can use and some credit unions you can use to for secured loans.

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Secured credit cards

Credit Unions for secured Loans

0:00 intro
0:49 what are trade lines
1:10 why being a authorize user is no good
1:37 how to get a manufactured primary trade line
1:54 who this can help
2:30 why you want a lot of trade lines
3:24 how increase your odds of getting big limits
4:22 why secured cards and loans are not risky
5:20 if you have bad this can help